Code of Ethics

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Introduction & purpose

Trustpilot Group plc and its group companies (together referred to as "Trustpilot", "we", "our" or “us”) are committed to doing business in an honest and ethical manner.

This Code of Ethics reflects our commitment to conduct business with the highest ethical standards, based on Trustpilot’s core values and guiding principles which aim to help everyone do the right thing, even when nobody's watching — setting a clear expectation for ourselves and others regarding appropriate standards of conduct.

Who is covered by this policy?

This policy applies globally to everyone who works for us, uses our platform or services, or does business with us (our “community”).

We train and require the people who work for us to act in a way that reflects strong ethical judgement, promotes trust, and lives up to our values. We expect the same standard of conduct from everyone in our community.

Trustpilot’s values

Trustpilot’s vision is to be a universal symbol of trust. Central to achieving this are our values, which are at the core of who we are and guide us in how we behave, make decisions, communicate, and execute all that we do.

  • Always with integrity

    • We’re built on trust, so we act with integrity in every big and small thing we do.

    • We don’t build or store public trust, we earn it by delivering on our promises and behaving in line with our mission. We do the right thing, even when nobody's watching.

  • Positively human

    • We celebrate the humanity of each individual. Behind every review is a real human experience.

    • While the tech universe is full of complex language and imagery, we go the opposite way. We are genuine people who work together to offer trustworthy experiences to all of our business and consumer audiences.

  • Open to all

    • We’re open to all people and companies — yet independent of both.

    • Our diversity is our strength so we celebrate it in our behaviour and our brand expression. Everyone is embraced and included for who they are and what they bring.

  • Collaborative

    • We help people collaborate so they can shape and improve their world.

    • Working together to make things better is our mindset, as well as the unique value of our platform. We acknowledge that we perform best when we embrace each other’s strengths and feedback on when we can be doing things a little better.

Guiding principles

These guiding principles are intended to help you understand what’s expected of you and how to put our values into practice.

Always with Integrity

We do the right thing, even when nobody's watching

Practising this value day-to-day means:

  • We stick to our word

  • Honesty is expected

  • We own up to mistakes

  • We look for ways to improve

We expect everyone in our community not only to conduct themselves in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but to strive to set the highest standards in trustworthy behaviour, and to use sound judgement and common sense.

Those who work for us are also expected to act in a way that builds trust in our business and furthers our reputation — both internally and beyond the workplace, including online, on social media, and at work-related events. This includes complying with our Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy, Alcohol, Drug & Substance Misuse Policy and other internal policies and procedures.

We never do business at the expense of our ethics or by compromising our values. This includes ensuring that we carry out our work and present our business, products and services in a fair, transparent and honest way — and that we are genuine and professional when dealing with others.

We are objective and independent of both consumers and businesses — and we should avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

Being trustworthy also means being reliable and delivering on promises. This includes protecting confidential information about us or others, and handling personal data and using IT systems responsibly in line with our policies.

We encourage trustworthy behaviour among our colleagues, hold each other accountable, and speak up if we notice a problem.

Positively human

We are genuine people that together create the Trustpilot family

Practising this value day-to-day means:

  • Humans are welcome, egos are not

  • We connect and have fun together

  • We show respect to each other

  • Genuine over fake - everytime!

We expect everyone to treat each other with respect, and to act in a genuine, responsible and professional manner. We don’t tolerate aggressive behaviour, coercive language, abuse or threats, and any unlawful conduct will be reported to relevant authorities.

We are considerate of each other’s well-being as well as our own, and are committed to creating an inclusive, comfortable, supportive and safe working environment for everyone.

Open to All

Everyone is embraced and included for who they are and what they bring

Practising this value day-to-day means:

  • We want you to be you

  • We value diversity in all its forms

  • Everyone has a voice

  • Transparency is our default

We value diversity and equal opportunity, and aim to foster a healthy, positive, safe and inclusive environment. We do not tolerate harassment, unlawful discrimination, bullying — whether at work, work-related events or outside the workplace. We treat everyone with dignity and respect — and offer everyone the opportunity to develop their potential.

We expect everyone who works for us to read and understand their local Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy and our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy, and to speak up about actual or suspected breaches.

We expect all users of our platform to play nice and be respectful contributors to our community. Hateful, discriminatory and illegal behaviour is prohibited and set out in more detail in our Guidelines for Reviewers and Guidelines for Businesses.

Anyone doing business with us is expected to encourage and facilitate practices that promote equality and prevent discrimination and harassment.


We work best when we work together

Practising this value day-to-day means:

  • We put the agenda of Trustpilot ahead of our own

  • We actively help each other

  • We win and lose together

  • We hold a common belief in our mission

We give ourselves the best chance of succeeding in our mission when we work together — embracing each other's strengths and supporting one another.

We don’t let our own personal interests cloud our judgement about what’s best for Trustpilot — both real and perceived conflicts of interest can be damaging to Trustpilot’s reputation and those in our community.

We give constructive feedback on when we can be doing things a little better, and report incidents so that they can be addressed for the good of the business. We look out for one another, and never try to hide or cover up misconduct.

Failure to comply

Our Code of Ethics and policies support our core values and reflect what is important to us. We take breaches seriously and, depending on the severity, a breach of this Code of Ethics by anyone in our community may result in suspension or termination of our relationship with them — and potentially other legal and remedial actions available to Trustpilot.

Any employee that breaches this Code of Ethics may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Reporting breaches or concerns

We are each responsible for our actions and for ensuring compliance with the Code of Ethics. We expect people who work for us to report any suspected or actual breaches of this Code of Ethics to their manager, People Business Partner or through our Speaking Up channels.

Our Speaking Up platform is available to everyone covered by this Code of Ethics and includes the ability to report anonymously. We take these concerns seriously and handle them promptly.

We do not tolerate retaliation against anyone who speaks openly about conduct they believe is unethical, illegal or against our Code of Ethics and policies — even if the concern isn’t substantiated, as long as they have not knowingly made a false report.

Changes to this policy

Trustpilot’s Corporate Services team is responsible for this Code of Ethics. This Code of Ethics will be reviewed at least annually. It may be amended at any time with the approval of Trustpilot Group plc’s board of directors.

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