Addendum - Integrate (Trustpilot, Inc.)

(version 1.0)

Any words that are defined in the Master Partner Agreement have the same meanings when used in this addendum.

This addendum (the “Addendum”) governs the Partner’s use of Trustpilot’s APIs under the Master Partner Agreement Trustpilot and Partner to allow the Parter to integrate with Trustpilot systems, allowing Trustpilot customers to engage users of Trustpilot services directly from Partner’s internal system.

The terms herein are subject to the terms of the Order Form and the Master Partner Agreement which is incorporated herein by reference. If there are any discrepancies, disputes, differences or the like between this Addendum and the Master Partner Agreement, the Master Partner Agreement shall prevail.

1. Scope

The Partner may integrate with Trustpilot systems through its own application (a “Non-Trustpilot Application”) using Trustpilot’s API directly from Partner’s system under the conditions herein for Non-Trustpilot Applications.

2. Non-Trustpilot applications

2.1. Non-Trustpilot applications can be web-based or offline software applications that connect or interoperate with the Trustpilot service. Non Trustpilot applications include applications that are developed for or by the Partner, applications that are listed in online directories, app stores, catalogues or similar marketplaces, or third-party applications that are identified as Trustpilot applications. These non-Trustpilot applications can be made available to Trustpilot customers by Trustpilot or a third party.

The use of non-Trustpilot applications, and any exchange of data between the Partner and a Trustpilot customer and the non- Trustpilot application provider, is solely a matter between the Partner, Trustpilot customer and the non-Trustpilot application provider. The Partner agrees as between the Partner and Trustpilot that any data related to the Partner or a Trustpilot customer’s use of such Non-Trustpilot Application is the sole responsibility of the Partner. If the Partner permits a Trustpilot customer to install or enable its Non-Trustpilot Application, the Partner accepts that such use may allow the Non-Trustpilot Application to access the customer's data, including consumer data and confidential information, as required for the connection and interoperation of the Non-Trustpilot Application with the Trustpilot service. Partner may require such use of the Non-Trustpilot Application by the Trustpilot customer be governed by separate terms of use, and such terms will apply solely to the relationship between the Trustpilot customer and the Partner regarding the use of the Non-Trustpilot Application.

For avoidance of doubt any Non-Trustpilot Application terms of use shall not modify or supersede any agreement or terms between Trustpilot and its customers or the Partner. It is the sole responsibility of the Partner to ensure that any Non-Trustpilot Application terms provide appropriate protection of and access to the Trustpilot customer's data, including consumer data and confidential information. The Trustpilot service may also contain features that may connect or interoperate with other non-Trustpilot applications.
If the Partner wishes to use such features, the Partner may be required to grant Trustpilot certain access to account(s) on the non- Trustpilot applications, and the Partner warrants that Trustpilot is lawfully entitled to access such information on behalf of the Partner.
If the Partner ceases to make the Non-Trustpilot Application available to the Trustpilot customers, Trustpilot reserves the right to cease to provide access to Trustpilot systems under this Addendum without entitling the Partner any refund or compensation.

2.2. The Partner as a Non-Trustpilot Application provider is not a sub-data processor or subcontractor of Trustpilot, and Trustpilot is not responsible for the Partner’s conduct or negligence, including but not limited to any disclosure, modification, corruption, loss or deletion of the Trustpilot customer's data resulting from any access by the Non-Trustpilot Application to the Trustpilot customer's data from Trustpilot's service via a Non-Trustpilot Application used or offered by the Partner. For the avoidance of doubt, Trustpilot is not responsible and shall have no liability or obligation for Non-Trustpilot Applications, and Trustpilot makes no representation and gives no warranty in relation to any Non-Trustpilot Applications, whether or not they are designated by Trustpilot as "certified" or with a similar designation.

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